Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"2010 Pink Ribbon For Breast Cancer" event

Lin Ruo Ya and Nikki Deng attended the "2010 Pink Ribbon For Breast Cancer" event on the fourth of April, where the males in attendance offstage clearly exceeded the number of females. Many of the males swarmed at Nikki, who was obviously a crowd favourite, but she didn't think of herself as an idol. "I only found out recently that I was categorized in the pretty section."

She has had low self-esteem from a young age, and doesn't consider herself pretty at all. "In junior high, I had glasses with a prescription of 6-700, and my hair was naturally curly like crazy. I still had my baby fat, I didn't know how to present myself, and was definitely not one to attract attention." In comparison, her step-sister by the same mother, who is four years older, has a pretty face and a toned body. Nikki considered her elder sister a figure to look up to, but when she told classmates that the beautiful girl was her sister, no one believed her.

Two years ago, as part of the preparations to debut as an artist, her agent visited her parents, who were dumbstruck with disbelief that Nikki could become an idol. Her mother even said, "How can you succeed! If it has to be someone wouldn't it be your sister?" However, she revealed that because her older sister went to America and enjoyed the food a little too much, her body was not as svelte as it had been in the past. Her older sister called her when she found out that Nikki was going to be an artist, saying "How can your pea-sized eyes become so big? Where did you go to get your double eyelid surgery?"

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