Tuesday, April 06, 2010

"Ip Man 2" release end of June

Bernice Liu, To Yu-Hang, newcomer Rose Chan and director Herman Yau went to visit Wing Chun Master Ip Man during the Ching Ming Festival along with a group of Wing Chun disciples. Bernice said that after shooting , she fell in love with Wing Chun. She now spends 3 days during the every week practicing her Wing Chun and that has given her better health. First time going up to the mountains for worship, Bernice said: "This is the first time I went to worship in the mountains in Hong Kong. After learning Wing Chun from Master Sin, besides learning kung fu, I also learned the principles of life and the traditional Chinese culture." Lead actor To Yu-Hang from said that the film will release at the end of June. They will start promoting for the film soon and he also has confidence in the box office.

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