Monday, April 05, 2010

Angela Zhang at the Shanghai Waitan Music Ceremony

On March 30, Angela Zhang made an appearance at the Shanghai Waitan Music Ceremony as "World Exhibition Ambassador". Performing in the light rain, Angela who was wearing 3.5 inch stilettos accidentally took a wrong step and slipped. However she didn't let this affect her performance and continued singing whilst sitting down, then stood up again afterwards, winning the crowd's applause.

Angela Zhang, Leo Ku, Chen Kun, Angelica He and other well-known singers came together to sing the World Exposition song "2010 Is Waiting For You". Followed by that, when Angela sang the World Exposition mascot Haibao's theme song "Haibao Has Come" solo, she fell and landed on the floor boards, the workers broke out in a cold sweat, very scared when they heard the loud fall. When she fell, she used her left hand to support herself and resisted the pain of her sprained wrist. Even after the performance, she went offstage and patiently took photos with all the little children before going backstage to attend to her injury with ice.

In regards to the accident, Angela laughed, "It was really embarrassing! In the past, I've only encountered my calf spasming during a concert, this is the first time I tripped onstage, my brain went completely blank, luckily I came to my senses in less than 3 seconds. I will never forget this pair of 3.5 inch stilettos that made me fall." Workers comforted her saying, this little fall could be said to be 'relief from future disaster' and will definitely make your world tour starting in May be very successful (T/N: their belief that an accident now is good luck for the future; better now than later).

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