Monday, April 05, 2010

Joe Chen Qiao En's first movie

Joe Chen Qiao En's movie aspiration will be turning into reality in June with her first movie "The Breakup Expert (分手專家)" being a collaboration with international star Chow Yun Fat. Yesterday, when Joe heard of the news, she was very stunned and exclaimed "Today's April Fools Day. You're lying to me right!"

Joe Chen will be working with Hong Kong's "永盛电影公司" for 5 movies within 3 years and yesterday, the company's big boss Jimmy Heung held an official contract signing ceremony with her in HengDian. After Huang Xiao Ming and Li Bing Bing, Joe will now also be part of the "5510 Big Movie Plan" acting group. Jimmy Heung is placing huge emphasis on the little drama queen's big movie leap revealed on the spot that her new movie "The Breakup Expert (分手專家)" will begin filming in June and the male actors include Chou Yun Fat and China's Zhou Li Bo (周立波). When Joe heard that she'll be working with international star Chow Yun Fat, she was shocked.

Earlier this year, Joe already went to visit Chow Yun Fat for Chinese New Year and went to his huge mansion. At that time, she had no idea that the two would have a chance to collaborate and was very excited. She even told Chow Yun Fat that "You're my idol, I grew up watching God of Gamblers!" Besides receiving an hongbao from Chow Yun Fat, Joe also gambled with him and was delighted to win consecutive rounds of Black Jack.

Joe made use of that opportunity to learn more about acting from Chow Yun Fat and the 2 hours long chat with him was very insightful. He taught her tricks such as how when filming a movie, the first thing to do when she enter into the production crew will be to make friends with the camera-man so that the scenes will look good. She shouldn't just return to her nanny car to rest when other people's scenes are being filmed either as watching other actors and actresses act will help her improve her acting.

Joe also revealed that Chow Yun Fat taught her to place a peach blossom flower (桃花) at home so that more suitors will come her way. When talking about her biggest "Peach Blossom" Ethan Ruan though she referred to him as a friend only. "I watched "Monga". I really liked it. His character, He Shang, was very good and the biggest similarity between the two will probably be that in real life, Ethan's places huge emphasis on loyalty too."

Joe was left with a very good impression of Chow Yun Fat and she said that "He was very nice." She didn't even dare to think of a collaboration with him at that time and thought to herself that she might get a chance after 3-5 years. When she was told at the press conference yesterday that the movie's male lead will be Chow Yun Fat, her first impression was that it was an April's Fool Day joke and she was escalated when she found out it was real.

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