Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ding Dang 28th birthday

Singer Ding Dang just celebrated her 28th birthday and since she wasn't in Taiwan on the day, her record company prepared a strawberry cream cake and celebrated with her in advance at a karaoke bar. Previously at her rumoured partner Xiu Jie Kai's birthday party, Ding Dang was very sincere and came to sing with him but now that it's her birthday, Xiu Jie Kai could not be seen. At the party, Champion's drummer 'Xiao Hou' kept teasing Ding Dang about it and at that moment she didn't know what to say but a colleague helped her out saying, "The event was planned at the last minute so he couldn't make it in time!"

Ding Dang who has a very lively personality, sang many upbeat songs to hype up the atmosphere, she sang A-Mei's "Bad Boy" and "Victoria's Secret", doing a sexy dance which made the other artists exclaim, "So hot!" Other people got really tired and collapsed on the sofas but Ding Dang still wanted to keep going causing others to laugh, "Are you that good? You have so much energy!"

Junior Magic Power's lead singer 嘎嘎 (Ga-ga) showed his talents at imitating other people. He chose on purpose "He says you're useless", a song by him and Ding Dang, then with exaggeration, he imitated the way she moved her hips and the hand movements she made when she sang the song, even her trademark kicking action. Everyone couldn't stop laughing but Ding Dang couldn't help but frown and grumble, "I don't do that!" Everyone was in high spirits singing karaoke and since the candles were going to go out soon, Ding Dang had no choice but to make a wish with the lighter, she hopes that she can make more money for her record company this year.

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