Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ron ng was filming the new series "Reunion"

Yesterday Ron Ng was filming for new series . Ron held onto a boutique of fresh flowers and a diamond ring to propose to Kate Tsui. Ron said that he doesn't know how to be romantic in realiy, while Kate doesn't like her other half being a romantic playboy. She felt that men who are attentive is more stabled.

It was a hot day during filming, Ron had on a thick jacket and the staff constantly helped him wipe off his sweat. Before filming, he kept a cooler in his pocket, but after an hour of filming he was completely wet. Unfortunate for Kate who had to hug the sweaty Ron while pretending to be sweet.

The scene was about Ron using a batch of red roses and a diamond ring to propose to Kate kneeling on Stanley road. Kate laughed and said that Ron proposed to her several times in the series and had many kiss on the forehead scenes. Save the intense kiss scenes for the youngsters Toby Leung and Him Law. The kiss on the forehead was added on short notice.

Claiming as a workaholic, Kate was asked if she wants her other half to be romantic? She said that romantic is not reality, it's just what you would see in dramas. Also, romantic is almost like a playboy. Often business handsome gentlemen do not have such a big batch of flowers, she rather choose a person who is more attentive, where he can take care of her. Asked if her past boyfriends are the attentive type or the romantic type? She said: "Neither. So far there's only proposing on the streets in series, hasn't happened in reality. It is currently the time where I'm working hard on my career. Won't talk about marriage or discuss about it yet. I feel that flowers is not the most important in proposals, the most important is the heart, the diamond ring and kneel down to express his commitment. In the future, when I get older and talk about it, it'll be good memories. Dream on!" Ron frankly said that he does not know how to be romantic, except in series, his romantic level is really low. He said that in the 30 years of his life, he has never used flowers to propose. Ron smiled and said since he's doing so many romantic things in filming, he'll steal some of the ideas in the future. He felt that men getting married at 40 years old is not too late. But he has no partner, so he won't waste time thinking too much.

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