Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Drama Moon Lovers won't air on this month

The Fuji TV drama Moon Lovers isn't airing till next month, but there has been endless promotions in place already. Last Friday on the radio show What's Up SMAP, Kimura Takuya received countless questions from listeners wanting to know more on the storyline and how things were progressing on set. However, Kimura cleverly answered around the questions without giving anything away.

One listener asked if there will be any promotional items that will be released with the drama? At first Kimura was serious about answering the question, saying he hasn't heard anything regarding this issue. However, later he said that there was a secret plan to hand out condoms during the campaign. He then went on to say how love encompasses intimate moments, so condoms are a necessity for couples. He later stressed that it was his own personal opinion, but he will present his suggestion to Fuji TV and personally look into the details.

Another idea that Kimura had was to organize a beauty contest. As 'Getsu' sounds similar to 'Ketsu' (butt), Kimura wanted to hold a contest through the television station, and went as far as coining the name 'Ketsu no Koi'. Then he laughed and said that he will enter the contest too, since all the contestants' faces will be hidden. Seems like he went all out trying to sell the idea.

During the radio show there were many questions from listeners asking about Lin Chi-Ling. Even Kimura admitted how surprised he was by their interest in his co-star. He was asked how they communicated with each other, and if she introduced him to good food during their filming in Shanghai. Kimura said that Lin Chi-Ling speaks to them in English, especially when she talks to Matsuda Shota, who studied in London. However, her Japanese has improved quite a bit. He expressed that when all the cast members are speaking in English, it gives him a feeling of living overseas.

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