Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moses Chan and Fala Chen were models

Yesterday Moses Chan and Fala Chen were models for Queen Elizabeth II Cup. It was rumored that on the day of Moses birthday, Charmaine Sheh had dinner with Moses as the "main" person status. Moses reveals that he will go to Macau with his mom to celebrate. When asked if Charmaine will be going with them, Moses asked back: "Why?" (in English)

Moses expressed that the photographs of him having dinner with Charmaine, that day was not his birthday, it was a wedding shoot scene that they were filming. There were also many other artists at the scene. He said: "It's not the first time I have rumors, just let it be. " Asked if he had a change of heart towards Bernice Liu? He embarrassingly said: "I don't know how to answer. Bernice never saw the reports, so she wouldn't know what's going on."

Recently Fala looks like she has gotten thinner. Asked if her "husband" noticed? Fala smiled: "Why do you say that? I'm currently resting." Is it heart breaking for her "husband"? She only said: "I didn't tell my parents." She had always avoided questions relating to her "husband". Reporters mentioned Daniel Wu and Lisa S. exposing their secret marriage, Fala felt that it's their personal decision. It was said that artists that are "married" hurts the impression fans have on them, Fala turned black face and said: "Marriage is part of private life, no need to have an explanation to the public."

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