Monday, April 12, 2010

Harlem Yu at Taipei Arena

Harlem Yu held his concert at the Taipei Arena the day before yesterday. Not only did his entire family come to support his concert, his young son Little Harry also made a rare appearance to show support; however his ex-wife Annie Ng – whom it was rumored earlier wished to reunited with Harlem – did not attend the concert and did not even send flowers. Nevertheless, Harlem received great support from his friends in the entertainment circle, including artists such as Coco Lee, Stephanie Sun, Alex Wang Lee Hom, Show Luo, etc. – all of whom sent Harlem interesting and unique flower tablets wishing him luck with his concert. In addition, best friend Jacky Cheung being the musical guest as well as the audience’s excited reaction to his concert performances made Harlem extremely happy.

As the concert opened, Harlem appeared on stage as a ‘mer-man’ and sang the song to start things off. After going through divorce recently, Harlem stated that he was lucky to have a bunch of good friends who supported him. The appearance of best friend Jacky Cheung on stage marked the climax of the concert, as the entire audience screamed with excitement. Jacky sang 2 songs – his famous as well as Alan Tam’s -- he also did a duet with Harlem where he posed as the ‘male voice’ and Harlem showed his 'soprano' skills by posing as the ‘female voice.’ Of course, the 2 long-time friends joked around on stage as well and made the audience laugh with their trademark banter (at each other’s expense), demonstrating once again their awesome chemistry.

Harlem’s elder sister made a special trip from the U.S. to Taiwan to attend his concert and his mother brought his son little Harry to the concert as well to watch him perform. As for Harlem’s ex-wife Annie, she indicated that she had to attend a performance in mainland China, so she would not be able to attend. Harlem’s manager Meng Mei Ying said: “Whether she [Annie] sends flowers is not within our control.” However, the flower tablets that Harlem’s good friends sent him were very creative and funny: Wu Zun called Harlem ‘Uncle Teacher’ in his flower tablet and the male group Grasshoppers sent Harlem a flower tablet that read ‘To Big Sister Harlem’, ‘From Eldest Sister, Second Sister, Youngest Sister.’

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