Monday, April 12, 2010

Upcoming series "Hong Wu Thirty Two"

Michael Tse, Kay Tse, Elanne Kwong, Joe Ma, Sammul Chan and Joel Chan were having their costume fitting for TVB up coming new series "Hong Wu Thirty Two". In this series, Michael plays the role as a secret military guard. He was asked if he plays the similar role as Donnie Yan? He said although they were both fighters, their roles are very different, and Donnie's action fighting is much cooler and more sharper than his. Reporter asked if he is worried about rumors since he develops a love relationship with Elanne, but has emotional feelings with Kate and Jess as well? Michael said if there is rumor, it can only be pubicity, not real. There will always be rumors whether they go home together after work, or giving someone a lift to work.
Michael said "I have to investigate a case in the series, but I have more scene playing opposite to male artists than females, in particular with Sammul.

Kate plays the role as a brothel madame as well as a secret military guard. The reporter asked if she has to strip in the series? She laughed and said no, but she has to wear see through clothes. She said "TV standard is different from the movie. That is the limit already" Kate was asked if there is any intimate scene between her and Michael? Kate said there will be , but she doesn't know the details yet. She has to wait and see.

This is Elanne's first time acting in an ancient TV series. She plays the princess, and Joe Ma is her brother. Elanne said "I was worried at first that I don't have the appearance for being "ancient". Fortunately the outcome is not bad indeed." Elanne revealed in the series, she was emotionally attracted to Michael, Sammul and Bejanin Yuen. Talking about her not being loyal to one man only, she said "Michael is the same, he is surrounded by many women. But in the end, it is a happy ending."

Elanne expressed that she is not at all worried about any rumors about her and Michael by the media. She is more concerned that she may have her mouth lopsided by laughing too much. She went on to say "Michael always teases me and makes fun of me. I am sure when we start filming, I will be laughing all the time. I am worried we'll have plenty NG "

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