Monday, April 05, 2010

Jacky Cheung’s new album "Private Corner"

With sales for Jacky Cheung’s new album "Private Corner" reaching 200,000 copies in Asia alone, a celebration gathering was held yesterday. At the gathering, Jacky also debuted his new MV for the song "Double Trouble", which he invested HKD$500,000 of his own money to make. The MV was directed by Xia Yong Kang and features mainland China model Du Juan.

Given the extremely high production costs of Jacky’s new album and the disadvantage of not having TVB as a promotional stage, the fact that the album is able to avoid loss and actually make money is amazing. To this, Jacky commented: “I still hope that the royalties issue will be resolved soon so that the MV for "Double Trouble" can air on TVB.”

Jacky expressed that initially, the production costs for the "Double Trouble" MV was estimated at HKD$200,000 to HKD$300,000, however after filming was completed, the costs ended up being way higher. Now he understands the difficulty record companies go through when it comes to making MVs; he says: “Xia Yong Kang is a million dollar director now, so I am very grateful that he and Du Juan were willing to help out and do the MV free of charge.”

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