Monday, April 05, 2010

Kevin Lin 2nd single "Clear Up"

Kevin Lin will soon release his 2nd single [Clear Up] from his newest album [When Did We Begin to Forget]. Kevin invited Lollipop’s Ah Wei to act as the male lead along with his 15 year-old niece. The pair acted out a simple love story in Kaohsiung, as if it were the Kaohsiung version of the movie [Au Revoir, Taipei].

After a whole day of filming in Kaohsiung, the one who suffered most was Ah Wei. Kevin Lin said: “Since my niece has never acted before, been in love before and has never held any interest in the other gender, Ah Wei had to work really hard to gain her trust and bring her into the scene. Both of them had to run back and forth between Kaohsiung’s streets and 5 metro stations. Their sweat was probably 10 times more than mine!”

Ah Wei also revealed: “It’s still my teacher who understands me most! At first, I felt like my hands were all tied up since I was embarrassed to guide her along. I even took advantage of the time to reapply makeup and the moments in between shooting to teach her. Then we could act more naturally together!”

The female lead also gave her “first kiss” to Ah Wei in this MV – she softly gave him a kiss on the cheeks. Ah Wei complimented the 15 year old girl for her professional performance!

Later on, Kevin Lin will continue promoting his album in April. He also has to perform 4 stages of a musical [Hide the Heart] and take up the judge position once again for a mainland China singing competition.

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