Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jay Chou's 2010 concert in taipei arena

3 years since the last time, Jay Chou's 2010 latest world tour kicks off on the 11th and 12th of June at the Taipei Arena! The new concert is called "Jay Chou The Era Concert", it means the 10 years that Jay Chou has been out since 2000, he has amassed 10 albums that constantly surpasses himself, he leads the music industry with his performance! This is Jay Chou's 4th world tour concert since 2002 "The One", 2004 "Incomparable" and 2007's world tour concert! The concert will include works from Jay Chou's previous 9 albums, and new songs from his soon to be released 10th album in May, fresh out of the oven, the concert poster and stage picture bring out a mysterious atmosphere, you can already feel the audio banquet this promises to be!

Jay Chou looks handsome in the concert poster, the look has the feeling of someone coming from the future mixed in with beautiful elements from the ancient Chinese century, Jay Chou looks like he has time travelled and going forward! The stage is designed with the concepts of "a future world" and "spaceship", the audience will see the stage appear to emerge as a "spaceship", mixing in elements of "rock" and "the ancient Chinese century", to produce a powerful visual contrast, you could say it was a classic and brave stage style!

In the past Jay Chou has always held the first session of his concert in Taipei outside, for the first time he is going into the Taipei Arena, on the stage he will definitely turn the audience's senses upside down! So it's not just the stage design that is a first for the Taipei Arena, even the displays will be the biggest and fullest in the history of the Taipei Arena! The displays will be different from what the Taipei Arena has used in the past, the most that has been used is 1000 strips of LED, for Jay Chou's first time in the Taipei Arena he will make use of over 2000 strips of LED, the special thing is that in the action effects there will be a "360 floating solid render" and Mapping technique (the newest visual effect techniques), the "360 floating solid render" can simply be described as a solid rendering effect produced by projections from 4 sides and in 8 directions into the air! All the fans will not just see one dimension of the image, they can see 360 degrees of the image! It is something only audiences who go there themselves can experience, it will give your senses a new experience.

Jay Chou likes to have full control over music and the visuals, he has plenty of ideas for his large scale concert, besides preparing his new album, at the same time he is holding meetings everyday with workers about the content of the concert, Jay Chou: "At the Sprite press conference I've already played around with 4D, this time I'm going to play with something special, like the "360 floating solid render", is one such special visual effect. Also, the music instruments I needed to learn I have already learnt, this time I will pay more attention to the package of the stage." Having come out for 10 years he has amassed 10 albums, he has so many classic popular during his 10 years, during the meetings between Jay Chou and the workers, after a few rounds of discussions about the track list, Jay Chou confessed: "There's too many songs, when we were choosing songs it was vexing, it's good now it's sorted, they are songs everyone likes." Jay Chou has an endless amount of ideas, at present the workers are already focusing on planning and producing the contents of the performance.

In the past the "360 floating solid render" has only been used at small commercial press conferences because of the cost, it is the first concert to use this! In terms of lighting and displays they are using the leading complex synchronous techniques in Asia, it will make the whole performance surpass the world standard in visual stage sensory! Jay Chou requested, not only the design of the stage, the visual effect, the action effects will surprise people, the lighting, the sound, the clothing and look, the contents of the performance...will surpass everyone's imagination, Jay Chou wants to make the best concert no matter the cost! Just on the "360 floating solid render" has cost over NT$40 million, making this session of "Jay Chou The Era Concert" cost nearly 100 million yuan! Jay Chou's 10th anniversary world tour concert will start off at the Taipei Arena, in order to reward the many fans who have supported him for 10 years, he will produce the diaoest world class stage effect! He will be writing himself into the records of the Taipei Arena!

In the past Jay Chou's 3 large scale world concerts, each one of the world tours spanned many cities and lasted 2 to 3 years, the 4th large scale concert "Jay Chou The Era Concert" that is about to begin in 2010 has naturally become the concert fans from everywhere are looking forward to! Each time for Jay Chou's world tour the first stop is always Taipei, from Taipei he starts and sings around the world, the performance in Taipei is always one that fans around the world focus on! Due to heavenly king Jay Chou's performances on the 11th and 12th of June, the Taipei Arena is radiating with light different from before, this time's concert ticket prices are: 500 yuan, 4500 yuan, 4000 yuan, 3500 yuan, 3000 yuan, 2500 yuan, 1800 yuan, 1300 yuan, 800 yuan, etc...9 types of prices. Before Jay Chou's concert date and location are announced, it has caused many fans to guess online, now the details are officially announced, fans are expected to rub their hands in glee at the tickets going on sale. The ticket sales system ( for "Jay Chou The Era Concert" will begin selling tickets on the 15th of April at 12 noon, 7-Eleven's ibone system and FamilyMart will start selling tickets at the same time, it will definitely cause a struggle for tickets!

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