Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nick Chou Tang Hao first concert

Bili's son Nick Chou Tang Hao will be having his first concert before he has his first CD, after announcing a concert on July 10th at the National Taiwan Normal University's Sports Centre. His highly publicized concert is rumoured to have Warner Music Taiwan supporting him with expenses estimated at 20 million yuan, while his new album and MV for his new song "Fu Xin Han" have already been completed. Stylist Li Da Qi created a "exploding blood outfit" for him to match his colourless-ed face, when he poses coolly while staring at the camera. He looks like Robert Pattinson from "Twilight", garnering him the name "Taiwan's Pattinson."

Nick became the subject of much gossip after being the male lead in Jolin's "Real Man" MV, and Warner requested that he raise 3000 fans before they would announce a release date for his album. He has already attracted over 2000 fans yesterday on his Facebook page, and is very close to his goal.

Bili said, Nick was requested to act in an idol drama by a producer a long time ago, but she didn't let him enter the entertainment circle until she saw his passion for music. "I only want to do one thing for him, and that is to find a good manager, he can handle everything else that comes afterward." She laughed and continued that she didn't want to become a "star's mother", and only wants to stay a "star".

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