Monday, April 12, 2010

TVB new series "Reunion"

Toby Leung and Him Law were shooting a kiss scene for TVB new series yesterday on the streets of Jordan. Perhaps Him was too nervous before the kiss, he NGed several times on his lines prior to the kiss. It was only under the guidance of the Director that he got back to normal.

For the kiss scene, both Toby and Him did all preparations beforehand. They were practicing and testing the positions for 10 minutes, hoping for a "one take success". When it was time to film, they had great chemistry, but Toby who was crying as she kissed accidentally wiped her "nose water" (due to her runny nose) on Him's mouth. Although the scene was not very clean, Him was still focused on his acting, very professional! Appearing extremely embarrassed Toby quickly helped Him wipe his lip clean after filming. The scene was quite funny.

Toby expressed that the script made her really emotional, she was very into character. About her crying causing a runny nose? She expressed in embarrassment: "Yeah, so embarrassing. But watching the playback, the results were pretty good. Actually Him and I are know each other pretty well, so it wasn't too awkward during filming. It only got embarrassing when a group of young students were watching! This kiss is considered one of my intense kiss scenes."

Him who "ate" Toby's 'nose water' expressed: "I was just focused on filming the scene, really didn't feel it!"

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