Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2010 TVB Most Popular Commercial Awards Ceremony

"2010 TVB Most Popular Commercial Awards Ceremony" was filming yesterday. hotCha , Sandy Lau, Christine Kuo, and Matthew Ko were performing guests. When HotCha was singing a classic commercial song, their performance went badly. Crystal sang the wrong lyrics in the beginning. Then they NG and restarted recording, but she still sang out of tune and messed up lyrics. Crystal later explained that Winkie was supposed to sing first, but she didn't know why she sang it herself. Regen joked a ghost was here.

HotCha said they were very nervous during performing because they didn't wear low-cut dresses when they practiced. Crystal said: "Because aren't used to wearing these dresses, we felt restrained and constantly reminding ourselves to be careful. It's quite hard to remember lyrics actually, because some songs were already out before we were born, maybe we only heard the melody before, but didn't remember lyrics. We promise everyone that it won't happen again!"

Christine Kuo expressed she wants to improve dancing waltz and has no interest right now in seductive dances. She once said that she would tell her younger sister to audition Miss Hong Kong, but she didn't in the end. Christine said her sister is very confident and no need to prove herself through beauty pageants.She said: "My sister is different from me. My mother wanted me to participate in Miss Chinese International and she applied for me. I think I get to know more things after participating. In the past I just wanted to get married and have kids, just like normal people. Now I've changed, working is my focus, dating with my company." Christine said she doesn't feel anyone is pursuing her the majority are good friends.

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