Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News : ‘Calling For Love’

During filming of CTS drama ‘Calling For Love’, female lead Charlene Choi (Ah Sa)’s married status had not yet been exposed but she had many kiss scenes in the drama with male lead Mike He. Ah Sa admitted that Mike’s kissing skills successfully electrified her, and she revealed that she “very quickly entered into the world of love.”

‘Calling For Love’ will broadcast this Sunday but it seems that Ah Sa wants to avoid the media. She used work as an excuse, and was unwilling to come to Taiwan to promote her new drama, leaving producer Angie Chai to hold the fort. Ah Sa’s character in the drama is very innocent, therefore she does not have many passionate scenes. Her dress style is also very conservative; if she isn’t wearing her taxi uniform, then her clothes will be buttoned very high. At the time, she did not have many requests, the only one being having her own personal make-up artist, and she was not opposed to filming intimate scenes.

Ah Sa previously had a kiss scene with Andy Lau in ‘All About Love’ that lasted over 10 seconds. She expressed that that kiss was the most unforgettable for her. However, when she arrived in Taiwan to collaborate with Mike, she felt that he had the ‘most charm’. She admitted that she was electrified by him during filming: “His eyes are too mesmerising, at first I was too scared to look him in the eye, I was very nervous.”

At the time, Mike did not know that the girl he was kissing was in fact already married. And she also marks the first married female that he’s collaborated with. Mike revealed that previously, they went to sing KTV together, and everyone purposely wanted to pick Ronald Cheng’s songs to sing. However, they were stopped by Ah Sa, who was strongly opposed to the idea.

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