Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jay Chou's new album was released

Jay Chou's new album was released across Asia today, and Hong Kong sales have already surpassed 70,000 copies, smashing his previous album sales record. In the MV for his second title track 'The Era', Jay turns into a handsome vampire and it also features a special custom-made piano that cost $620,000rmb, again smashing his personal record for the most amount of money spent on an MV. And for his third title track 'Raining All Night', Jay continues to travel through time, and transforms into a traditional Chinese man, playing er hu. The most special thing about this MV is that it actually led to a very happy event. During filming, one of the male actors suddenly proposed to his girlfriend, who was also one of the female actors, making her very surprised but happy. And this whole process was also recorded.

Sales for Jay's new album have already surpassed 70,000 copies, breaking the record for his previous album 'November's Chopin'. And to achieve the visual effects, the album comes in a 3D metal box, evidently displaying the amount of money spent.

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