Thursday, May 20, 2010

KAT-TUN's new single "Going!"

KAT-TUN's new single "Going!" is hitting high sales. And on the live, Junnosuke Taguchi talked about from shopping to online shopping in MC section. It seems Koki Tanaka ordered abdominal exercise equipment on the airplane. In addition, Nakamaru recommended: "Have you tried Yahoo auction? That is amazing!" Kamenashi asked: "How to do that?" Then the topic turned into the auction talk, with Nakamaru and Tanaka explaining how to buy things at a lower price to other members. How often do they buy things on the internet? And Tanaka said he even asked "How to make my hair grow faster?" on the internet.

However, in the end, Ueda shouted: "I don't know about internet! Traditional media is enough for me!" And he turned to Nakamaru who recommended his fans to buy CD on Amazon, "No, I'm happier if you buy from shops directly." Was it an interesting MC for you to find out a new side of the members.

Now right before they start world tour in July, they are having tours in arena-class venues in 10 cities nationwide. And their new album "NO MORE PAIŠ˜" has been decided for release on June 16th! It will be their 5th album, with "Going!" included, as well as other songs produced by top artists. All 13 songs, including 5 solo songs, will be included (14 songs in normal edition). Video clip and footage video DVD will be attached to the first limited edition, while a bonus track will be only in normal edition. Keep your eyes on them!

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