Monday, May 03, 2010

Jay Chou's new song "Superman Can't Fly"

The MV for Jay Chou's new song "Superman Can't Fly" was shown on the 29th, it immediate stirred up discussion, some people online sighed that they were disappointed, because the male lead was not Jay Chou, but instead was a not so handsome and slightly overweight stranger, Jay Chou's JVR said, he is not an artist, he is Jay Chou's friend Jeff, he was just guest starring!

The lyrics to "Superman Can't Fly" describe Jay Chou's feelings since he had been out, this is the first MV, but there was no Superman Chou, no J Girl, just a plain man playing the role of Superman, it's makes you scratch your head. It turns out that while Jay Chou was filming "The Green Hornet" in America, because he was English was not good, he had to rely on the translator everyday for food and clothes, so he became good friends with the translator for the movie Jeff. During New Year this year, Jeff came to Taiwan and had lunch with him, as it so happens he wore a t-shirt with Superman on it, Jay said on the spot: "Aiyo! What a coincidence! Come film my MV!"

JVR said, this song started off with lyrics before the melody, in order to show plain people can be heroes, they got a plain person to play the role, he never planned to get a model or artist.

A few days ago Forbes magazine announced Jay Chou was second in the Chinese famous people chart for 2010, JVR said, they have never made public income or fees, it's probably the media guessing.

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