Monday, May 03, 2010

News : Down With Love

CTV / GTV Idol drama (Down With Love) arrives at the supermarket for filming. Seeing how considerate his gestures are, leading lady Ella praises male lead Jerry; exclaiming he is a good man. Facing the camera, she expresses her desire to help him 'jing fan'. Having heard this, the timid Jerry was left to scratching his head.

With this scene, it was originally written such that Ella would be seated in the shopping cart with Jerry pushing. While filming, Ella got really excited and requested for a role reversal so that she be the one pushing the cart. Jerry immediately refuted by saying, "I don't want that; it's too dangerous!" With that, Ella responded "He's so considerate! A true gentleman." While continuing to face the camera, she playfully turned the discussion to match making; jokingly stating that she wants to be his 'jing fan'.

Flustered, Jerry scratched his head after hearing her... in the end, his words were no match for hers, thus he sat compliantly for her to push. The duo's collaboration was a breeze as it only required one take to complete.

Not only was Jerry considerate, in one scene, it speaks of Ella getting hit hard by the shopping cart. Jerry, who was concerned that she might actually get injured, purposely reduced his speed. But Ella was fearless and gave Jerry the green light to go full force.

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