Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jay Chow new album " The Era "

Jay Chou, who has always gone after diao stuff, has again done something diao. For his second plugged song "The Era" he has splashed out ten million yuan to film the MV, he has set the record for the most expensive MV production for Chinese people. For just the specially made piano with inverted black and white keys, it cost a million yuan, he said: "Normally werewolves transform because of the moon, in my MV vampires transform because they hear the sound of piano, the sound of piano eliminates their humanity."

The idea for this song and the completion of it has spanned time. When he was filming the MV for "Uncle Joker" in 2008, he was the director, he got a feeling from the clock tower on the set, he had the impulse to write a song and film an MV, he immediately took his dance teacher and drove from Linkou to Sanchong where the arranger lived, he wrote the song in his head down, the dance teacher also arranged the choreography, they then went back to the set to film, he spent just 2.5 hours.

His new album "The Era" was originally planned to be released on the 14th of May, yesterday it was announced it would be delayed until 18th, the delay is due to the large order from Mainland China, the factories cannot keep up, plus they want to guard against piracy.

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