Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New series "Rosy Business 2"

Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang's new series "Rosy Business 2" (巾幗梟雄之義海豪情) held a blessing ceremony yesterday. This time the two's characters have a complicated relationship. Sheren plays the head of a gang and is often taken care by Wayne, who plays a police. Asked whether the two would have intimate scenes? Sheren joked there're many extreme action scenes; no intimate scenes at the moment, only hugging and a scene where the two spend a night together. But she told everyone don't think too much about the night scene, nothing would happened. She felt feelings are most important when filming love scenes and can express with eyes. It can also send a message that to love doesn't necessarily have to possess it; man and woman spending a night together don't necessarily have to have sex.

Wayne said that night scene is about him helping Sheren to quit drugs and talking to each other. Intimate scenes like kissing would be decided depending on plot development, he can cooperate and doesn't mind. He agreed with Sheren that things don't have to happen when opposite sexes are spending a night together, they can have a healthy relationship. His son is 12-years-old and he was asked whether he mentioned sex education, Wayne said not yet; his son hasn't ask curiously, let it be.

"RB2" is copy editor Cheng Wah Biu's last series in TVB. Wayne said Wah Biu should leave after the screenplay is done writing. Whether he's confident in winning TV King again with this series? He said there are many reasons behind winning an award, as an actor he's satisfied for winning once already.

Fala Chen looked very tired in the event and she said a night before she had to film an emotional crying scene. She's stressed and very tired. Stressed because she is working with TV King and Queen? Fala denied and said everyone helps her out. Wayne would teach her techniques of acting. Asked whether the other reason is wind is too strong in boyfriend's expensive house? She said she doesn't even have time to go home, but her boyfriend supports her very much and lets her focus in working. Did boyfriend ask her to retire and become a rich wife? Fala said never, because her boyfriend knows she likes to act.

After Kara Hui won "Best Actress" in HK Film Awards, it's rumored that Lee Tim Sing gave her more scenes. As for this rumor, Kara stressed there is no such thing like that. She won't compete because every actor has his/her responsibility.

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