Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New album “The Era” release on 18th May

Jay Chou’s new album “The Era” is set to release on the 18th. After being in showbiz for 10 years, 30 year old Jay reveals that he still loves to act like a spoiled kid in front of his mom. Recently, Jay was hoping to get his mom’s approval for him to open a guitar store, but his mom disapproved the idea right away.

In order to celebrate Jay’s new album release, Hit Fm will play their interviews with Jay throughout the day of the album release that will last 19 hours long. It will start from 7am with Good Morning DJ Kris and end with Night Cat DJ Dennis at 11pm. Fans will be able to hear Jay’s songs throughout all the shows.

For getting this rare chance to interview Jay, DJs of Hit Fm tried all their best. DJ Ah Juan revealed that she was so nervous that her armpits were sweating and DJ SoWhat was having diarrhea just before his turn to conduct his interview with Jay.

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