Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New movie " Love You Ten Thousand Years "

A deep emotional prince in front of the camera, Zai Zai Vic Zhou becomes an otaku when he reaches home. Fans rarely see this side of him but the film "Love You Ten Thousand Years" will scoop out Zai Zai's decadent and sloppy appearance, to give a surprise to fans.

Due to scheduling issues this year, Zai Zai narrowly missed being in the movies "Black & White" and "Killer Ouyang Penzai." This makes the soon-to-be released August movie "Love You Ten Thousand Years" being paid particular attention. This local Taiwan romance comedy film directed by Japanese director Toyo Kitamura, will let Zaizai do a turnaround, challenging the role of a decadent rock band lead singer, and he even has to use his own unique singing style to belt out the song "Love You Ten Thousand Years" which has previously been sung by Wynners, Five Tigers, Wu Bai and Li Yi Chun!

Prior to shooting the movie, director Toyo Kitamura had a headache thinking of how to change Zai Zai from his handsome appearance to a decadent band member. Then unexpectedly, he saw Zai Zai with disheveled hair and unshaven face walking towards him, and Toyo Kitumura happily shouted out "That's the look!" Manager Zhi Xiang Li was alarmed and worried that fans cannot accept this Zaizai who do not care about his appearance. But Zaizai just said, be calm,"They are only seeing my original (real-life) self."

Toyo Kitamura used his 13 years observation of Taiwan's cultural phenomenon and filmed it into a funny plot. Zai Zai will sing as he plays the guitar and even have to dance while wearing a "vulgar (coarse) looking" suit. Film producer Peggy Chiao could not help but praise him, that he has the form to be "Tony Leung's successor ".

The official website of "Love You Ten Thousand Years" is opening in these two days, and will specially introduce the lead actress Kato Yoo Ji. She is the Shiseido spokesperson in Japan, and in the film she will have an interesting exchange of blows with Zaizai on views about love.

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