Thursday, May 13, 2010

New movie "The Emerald and The Pearl"

Joey Yung, Raymond Lam, Wong Cho Lam and Charlene Choi were in Beijing to attend the press conference of their new movie . The movie is a collaborative production between Shaw Brothers, EEG and TVB with an investment of 40 million yuan. Recently the crew is actively shooting in Beijing and Hebei.

In the movie, Joey plays a mountain bandit king (TN: or in Joey's case 'queen'), she considers herself as a newcomer in the industry. Joey said: "I have no experience in the film scene, Ah Sa taught me a lot by telling me which camera angles I look best in. Raymond pointed out that I have to look at the camera when I'm doing sword fighting scenes." Joey also expressed that she liked her mountain bandit costume because the costume is adapted from western film : "I really like it. There is so many fighting scenes that are quite challenging. Actually one time I was hitting to accurately and accidentally injured many people. Sometimes the fighting scenes is like dancing, I feel that I need to work harder."

The story is about a Princess having to marry to a foreign country. Ah Sa plays that princess, who is escorted to the foreign place by the General played by Raymond and eventually developed feelings for her. Unfortunately during their journey, the two were split up and met mountain bandit Joey Yung and storyteller Wong Cho Lam. It is a light hearted romantic comedy. The movie is scheduled to releases this summer.

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