Monday, May 03, 2010

News : 'Tou Xin Da Sheng PS Nan'

Because of filming TTV, Sanlih idol drama: 'Tou Xin Da Sheng PS Nan', Sonia Sui Tang present her slapping debut, relentlessly gave Blue Lan Zheng Long a slap, clear and crisp, Blue Lan's face has an addition of 5 red fingerprints immediately.

Before filming, Sonia Sui communicate with Blue Lan, for the sake of realism, have to 'really hit' ; could only see Sonia Sui waved her hand to hit Blue Lan's cheek, [po – Y] bang, giving the people at the filming site a shock, after the director, Liu Jun Jie shouted 'stop', everyone realised that there are five red fingerprints on Blue Lan's face, Sonia Sui exerted too much strength! Blue Lan said to Wen Sheng Hao who was watching by the side: 'Next time when she hits you, you need to be careful, because after hitting, she will cover your shots'.

Sonia Sui took one take for this slapping scene, she smilingly said: 'I dedicated my slapping debut in the drama circle to Blue, Blue should be having pain in the face and heartache.'

In CTV, GTV drama: 'Down with Love', Jerry Yan does not have hitting scenes, but while getting something from the mall pinch Ella, during the BTS of the mall, Ella not only play with the trolley, also jokingly want to seek marriage for Jerry, saying the marriage-seeker special line in front of the camera. Jerry who seldom patronise the shopping store, seeing the magic mop on the trolley, while playing with it ask Ella: 'Is this easy to use? Then I will buy one back, can help my mother to mop the floor, it is laborious for my mother to mop the floor.' Having heard that, Ella said directly: 'It will be better to get a maid.'

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