Monday, May 03, 2010

G.E.M first album in May

Hong Kong singer G.E.M will be in Taiwan promoting her first album in May, and the Taiwan-food lover has already eaten 15 pieces of fried chicken during her 10 day promotional stay in Taiwan right now. Every meal, she drinks bubble tea, and will not stop even if she starts breaking out, joking that she has already considered moving to Taiwan, so that she can eat the wonderful food everyday.

G.E.M is enthralled by all the Taiwanese eats, and praises fried chicken and bubble tea as the world's best food and drink. After being in Taiwan for only 10 days, she has already gained 4 kg, "Taiwanese food is really super delicious, I have seriously considered buying a house here, heck, I'll move here, just to eat the fried chicken!" One of her company's artists, Charge Pu Xue Liang, upon hearing of G.E.M's love for Taiwanese appetizers, personally made spicy stinky tofu for his "younger sister" to try. However, she caught a whiff of it and said, "It stinks!" She reluctantly tried it, and exclaimed, "It's smells so bad, but it's very delicious!"

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