Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rainie Yang autograph-concert

Rainie Yang will be having an autograph-concert session on May 9th, and didn't have anything prepared to give to her mom for Mother's Day, but has already had a small celebration with her sister and their mother. At the autograph session, fans yelled "Chen Lin mommy!" and gave her carnations. Coming from a single-parent childhood, Rainie pretended to be a strict mom and responded, "You have to be filial to your real mothers."

When Jerry had a "chest bump" with Rainie at her concert a while ago, she blurted, "I'm worried you won't find anything." At the concert, she even lost her cleavage tapes, so fans presented her with a G-cup cake, and purposely stuck on a floral pattern on the bra. Not even a B cup herself, Rainie confessed that in junior high, she drank milk thinking it would increase her cup size, but instead helped her grow 10cm.

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