Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Faye Wong 2010 Tour

Already five years since she's been in the limelight, Faye Wong will be holding 10 shows in Beijing and Shanghai during October and November for her 'Faye Wong 2010 Tour'. Yesterday Faye held a press conference in Beijing to officially kick off her tour and attracted nearly 300 reporters [by invite only]. Faye appeared wearing sandals and stayed for 10 minutes. She did not accept any questions from the reporters. The organizers specially prepared an ice sculpture for her with the numbers '1888' carved into it to reflect the amount her ticket sales have generated. The total sales have reached $18,880,000 RMB (more than $2.5 million USD), making her truly a 'Legendary Queen'.

The press conference was initially scheduled to start at 3 p.m., however Faye did not appear until 3:45 p.m. Faye wore a classic British red and black sundress. Her sandals were see-through and she had dark polish on her toes. Faye's long hair was pulled back and she wore her wedding ring. Reporters began fervently taking photos as she made her appearance on stage. Originally walking at a leisurely pace, Faye was a little taken aback and appeared nervous.

Even though reporters waited a long time, they didn't appeared to be upset and were applauding as she made her way up. Faye was smiling ear to ear as she greeted everyone. "Hello and welcome to the press conference." Faye seemed a little stiff on stage and wasn't able to answer the MC's questions. She was probably out of practice being in the spotlight. When the MC asked her how she managed to sell out her tickets, and if she used any secret tactics? Faye answered, "I don't know! How could there be?"

Later on, Faye officially launched the start of her tour. She also warned fans to beware of counterfeits and reminded fans to check for the 3D security features on the tickets, which she demonstrated with a prop. At the same time, the organizers announced that Faye had broken the record for the highest amount of ticket sales in China, reaching $18,880,000 RMB. She is the only singer, holding three or more consecutive shows at a large scale stadium in China, to reach that amount.

There were many mainland reporters yelling for Faye at the press conference. Photos from Faye's past albums and concerts filled the entire hallway, turning it into a mini 'Walk of Fame'. Many took photos as a souvenir. It seems Faye is well received in China. Fans from around the world also recorded clips to wish Faye a successful concert run.

Faye's 10-day concert tour has achieved an astounding $18,880,000 in sales. The organizers requested Faye and her manager Katie Chan to pop open champagne bottles from the ice sculpture. However, Faye couldn't help but laugh as she was looking at the sculpture - "How could the numbers (1888) be so perfect?" The MC admitted that the actual numbers are beyond that, but 1888 is an auspicious number.

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