Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Known as the "Godfather of Music"

Known as the "Godfather of Music" Dai Si Chung and also known as the mentor to many famous celebrities including Leon Lai and Faye Wong suddenly collapsed in the bathroom of his house from a heart attack, yesterday afternoon. He was immediately rushed to the hospital to perform emergency surgery. During the time, his heart stopped twice and the situation was not pleasant. Dai Si Chung's holds a high status in the music scene, many famous singers are taught by him. Yesterday once the news broke out, several of his apprentices went to the hospital to visit him. Currently in Beijing, Leon Lai sent his assistant to get the details of the situation. His assistant expressed that Leon initially was to return to Hong Kong tomorrow, but now he's rushing back tonight to see his mentor. He also told us not to worry too much.

Alvina Kong, Steven Ma, Isabel Leung, and Lam Lei rushed to the hospital yesterday afternoon to visit Dai Si Chung and whispered many encouraging words in Dai's ears. It was said that Dai's condition is quite serious and the chances of waking up is small.

Dai's daughter Dai San Wai accompanied her father to the hospital and was surrounded by the media. She expressed: "At 2:20pm, my father was unconscious as home. At the time my mother went out, my other sister was not home. I was so scared, quickly called 999. When the medical personnel came, my father was still unconscious. At first we thought he got food poisoning, after getting to the hospital, the doctor said that his heartbeat was only 40 something per minute and needs immediate attention. Daddy's heart also stopped twice, eventually the doctor used electric shocks to bring him back. Doctor said that my dad had an acute heart attack, so needs to enter ICU for further treatment."

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