Friday, July 23, 2010

Justin Lo new album

Yesterday Justin Lo held an autograph session for his new album. Although the Book Fair on the same day as his autograph session, he is not afraid that his autograph session will be affected. He said that he hopes to make a photo book of his own. Towards which part of his body he has the most confidence in? He said: "All parts. I will only do it one time, planning to have the entire world as the background. But I am only showing my lower body, not my stomach or head." Asked if he paid attention to the young models' photo books? He directly said that he wants to, but won't buy them, does he mean that looking at his girlfriend is already enough? He said: "Not enough! Men who says they don't like beautiful girls, then that's a lie. However, there are really a lot of photo books out there, even 'porkchops' are releasing photo books. I don't know what their names are, but they are really ugly."

Good friend Gary Cho releasing a book, did he help out? Justin said: "No, I wanted him to write about me, but I asked and he said no. I know he wrote about the incident that happened before, I will of course buy a copy to support him. (Rather support a friend then buy a photo book?) Photo books are all over the internet."

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