Friday, July 23, 2010

Se7en held a comeback party

On the 20th, Se7en held a comeback party at a club in Seoul, where afterwards, he met with news reporters where he discussed his juniors, Big Bang and 2NE1. He stated “Since within each group, each member has their own area and personality, they’re ensuring their survival.”, “They seem to express everything well, from their teamwork and musical personality, and fashion. As their senior, I’m really proud of them”, and laughed.

Yang Hyeonsuk, YG Entertainment representative who was also at the location had said “Big Bang and 2NE1 are really uncomfortable with Se7en.”, “When they were trainees, Se7en was a top star and on top of that had charisma to begin with. I’m most afraid of G-Dragon in this world but the person who G-Dragon is the most afraid of is Se7en.”

At one point, he was the YG magnae, but now he has become the eldest hyung – Se7en said “I feel good. Back then, I was busy while following people around, but now, there’s a lot of dongsaengs(younger close friends) following me around.”

“When I look at the newly set-up YG building, I feel different”, “If you take a look at YG and their building now, it has everything a celebrity will need, from their trainee days to when they start doing activities.” He bragged indirectly.

Also he stated, “In the US, there isn’t a building like this.”, “The building itself could stand in comparison, even if it were labeled ‘World’s Top Entertainment (Company)’. It fulfills all the needs of celebrities.”

He also added, “When I think about us back then, the YG of today has truly evolved.”

Meanwhile, on the 21st, Se7en will be releasing his new album ‘Digital Bounce’ and his title song ‘Better Together’, making his comeback to the idol world after 3 years and 8 months. For the comeback party on this day, 350 fans were invited and even 100 fans from Japan had spent it with him, attracting attention. At this party, Se7en had revealed his song ‘Better Together’ for the first time and received a lot of positive response, increasing anticipation for it in the future.

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