Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leehom Wang upcoming album “18 Martial Arts”

Yesterday, Leehom Wang held a pre-order signing event for his upcoming album, “18 Martial Arts”, at Ximending. Heavy rain began to fall unexpectedly and two thousand fans at the event became impatient and rowdy and shouted their dissatisfaction toward the media journalists for interviewing Leehom for too long.

It’s been a year and a half since his last album, and “18 Martial Arts” is set to release on July 31st. Fans of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and other places came to show their support for the superstar, but they were all soaked in rain.

The event was originally scheduled to begin at 3pm. Leehom was ten minutes late, but he immediately performed his new single, “Firewood, Rice, Oil, Salt, Soy Sauce, Vinegar, Tea”, as he dashed on stage. The fans in the rain screamed in excitement upon seeing their idol. Leehom’s good friend, Vivian Hsu, who wrote the lyrics for his latest single, also specially flew back from Japan to show her support. She gave Leehom a high-heel shoe shaped telephone as a gift and laughed, “He always busies himself with his fans and music. I’m giving him this, hoping that he can soon find a woman that will care about him and cook good things for him to eat.”

During the interview time, thirty different media crowded the stage, and two journalists quarreled due to fighting for room. The organizers immediately tried to settle the fight, but not just the journalists were heated, the fans below the stage also grew impatient waiting for the media to finish interviewing Leehom. As the media blocked the fans’ view, the fans shouted angrily, “I can’t see!”, “Be considerate of those who are actually in the rain!” And some even shouted, “b*llsh*t!” The fans finally calmed down after Leehom, a little embarrassed, consoled, “It’ll (the interview) be done in another minute.”

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