Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Teen Top promoting song ‘Clap’

The producer of world-known pop star Justin Bieber meets with Korean idol group Teen Top.

Shin Hyuk, the producer of Justin Bieber, met with Teen Top. Shin Hyuk is the producer of Justin Bieber’s Billboard hit single ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ and he had met with Teen Top to help with the producing of their album.

Shin Hyuk said, “I got to know about Teen Top through American MTV and I’ve decided to do producing for this rookie band whose capabilities are already verified. After Justin Bieber, there are many stars who have proposed for me to do producing for them, but this is is the first time I’m doing album producing and it is for Teen Top.”

Shin Hyuk is known to have returned to Korea recently for the producing works of Teen Top’s album. And once the recordings are done, he will fly back to the States where he will do the mixing of the album under A-Rex Productions.

Meanwhile, Teen Top is promoting their debut song ‘Clap’.

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