Thursday, July 15, 2010

Love In Disguise premier on August

Even before the premiere of Wang Lee Hom's self directed and acted movie "Love In Disguise", the fans on Weibo has reached almost 17,000; fans are also highly anticipating the release of "Love In Disguise" pictorial book on the 21st, with the official website kicking off on the same day.

Currently Weibo fans for "Love In Disguise" has almost reached 17,000; this number is significantly high when compared to the Weibo figures for other Mainland movies. Director-cum-actor Wang Lee Hom will be holding a book signing on 31st July, starting the promotional activities for the movie. Towards the film's release during summer, Wang Lee Hom expressed confidently that while America has musical movies like "High School Musical", this (type of films) seldom appear among Chinese films so he believes that after the premiere of "Love In Disguise", the response from the audience would be good.

"Love In Disguise" revealed conceptual posters before the Shanghai Film Festival, but its official posters took a long time to be released. Director Wang Lee Hom was not only anxious at being unable to settle on the poster, he also nitpicked on the design of the poster. In his quest for perfection, the script was only confirmed after 53 versions, and 4 designers were asked to submit designs for the poster, proposing 25 posters with different styles with the official one finally released after numerous changes. The posters for "Love In Disguise" released today targets the different societies in Taiwan and Mainland China, designed for different ways of presentation.

"Love In Disguise" which will be premiering on 13th August, talks about a superstar Wang Lee Hom who despite seeming to be very successful in his entertainment career and having a smooth life, yet he feels empty and regret deep in his heart. Once, his nanny van (褓母車) hit a folk music student Crystal Liu Yi Fei, and the strange action of Liu Yi Fei not checking on her injuries first, but playing her guzheng, combined with the music flowing from the guzheng, caught the curiosity and favour of Wang Lee Hom. Immediately, he decided to slip into the conservatory with his good friend-cum-band partner Chen Han Dian, searching for Liu Yi Fei's "overtones" (絃外之音).

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