Saturday, July 03, 2010

Mandarin album "As A Sa"

Currently popular Asia's young Tin Hau Ah SA Charlene Choi arrived at Suzhou's Jiu Guang Mall to hold a fan meet-and-greet for her newest Mandarin album . "HI! Hello everyone, I'm Ah SA Charlene Choi." Following this sweet voice, and fans' enthusiastic shouts, popular pop music Tin Hau Charlene Choi, among thousands highly anticipating, appeared in public dressed in a casual top and tight trousers.

At the location of the event, Ah Sa's arrival attracted over 1000 fans who made the special trip to attend the event. As well, many mall shoppers filed in, packing the venue to the point that upper floors were jam-packed with 'spectators.' "This is my third time coming to Suzhou, Suzhou really is very beautiful. During my car ride on the way here, I was looking for a long time, it's too beautiful." As soon as this small Tin Hau appeared on stage, she expressed her praise for Suzhou.

Ah SA introduced her new album, saying "This album, from recording to its completion, altogether over 1 year was spent. The 10 songs in the album have been carefully selected, and a lot of heart and effort has been given into this album." It has come to be known that last year's released Cantonese single received fans' welcome immediately following its release, rising in each major music chart, and receiving great results. So, Ah SA expressed that for this new Mandarin album, a special Mandarin version of has been included and she hopes everyone will like it.

Speaking of good sister Ah Jiao, Ah Sa said that she is certain that there will be opportunities to work together and she reiterates that Twins have not disbanded, but they are each busy with their own projects and that's all. Hearing of Ah Jiao's new movies, Ah Sa also sent her well wishes. "I hope her new movies receive great results. Recently I haven't had time to go to Hong Kong, I've already spent the past 2 months in Mainland."

With an increasingly womenly air to Ah SA, when the most sensitive questions regarding relationships were brought up, she did not avoid them in the least bit. Instead, she expressed, "Everything is up to fate."

At the event, Ah SA and fans played a variety of interactive games, having a lot of fun and not having the least bit of a celebrity air. She also performed 2 of her new album's main songs ( and ), a hit among fans at the venue.

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