Saturday, July 03, 2010

News : Autumn in my heart

The remake of "Autumn in my heart" will begin filming in August in the city of Qingdao and will air early Spring on Hunan TV. The second male lead actor has already been decided to be Korean actor Dennis Oh, and Meteor Shower lead Zhang Han will play the lead male.

According to Mango Films' advertising manager, the drama is not a pure remake. While the story is similar, there will be added elements to make the drama more fashionable and cosmopolitan, and new characters will insure the drama will not be too heavy.

In the online voting on, Zhang Han won first with over 125,000 votes. In the lead female votes, Super Girl Liu Xijun and Meteor Shower actress Zheng Shuang were at the top with over 300,000 votes.

According to Mango films, Zhang Han tried out for the role in early June. Both the director and producers liked him, and believed that his looks and aura is perfect for the role.

As for the girls, Mango Films will continue to ask various actresses to try out for the role.

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