Saturday, July 10, 2010

New album "Battling Bach"

Today Nan Quan Mama held a press conference for the release of their new album "Battling Bach". Yuhao's father came dressed as Bach to have a "Yin and Yang piano battle" with his son while Patty Hou, Jay Chou, Nicky Lee, Jaycee Chan and other showbiz friends also made a special clip showing their support for the duo. When asked about the Double J collaboration [at Jay Chou's concert], Yuhao and Devon were not surprised at all because before the performance Devon had already spoiled it, sending a text to Jay saying, "If you think Double J collaboration will be a shock, then I wanna say... I think it's just okay."

For the new album "Battling Bach" Devon's 10-month-old daughter was included in the photoshoot but he didn't dare let her be in the MV because Devon was afraid that his acting as a devil must scare his daughter; furthermore Devon revealed that he likes to smell his daughter's diaper causing his wife to say he's crazy. When asked whether he anticipates his daughter becoming "female version of Xiao Xiao Bin", Devon replied that he hopes she can have a happy childhood so currently he is just collecting information for her future education.

Also, Yuhao's father who dressed up as Bach really likes to steal the spotlight, Yuhao explained that it's because when they were filming "Pandaman", Jay saw a photo of Bach and said, "Aiyo, how come he looks so much like your father." So in accordance with the name of their album, Yuhao asked his father to dress up as Bach and they had a battle of piano-playing skills. Yuhao said that when his father was young, he was an outstanding musician but because of the situation of his family, he had to give up his dream so Yuhao hopes that he can help his father fulfill his dream.

Seeing Devon happily married, Yuhao said that he doesn't want to get married but hopes to have children, he smiled saying he'd like to adopt Devon's daughter; Devon then revealed, "Yuhao likes Dou Hua Mei (豆花妹)." This cause Yuhao to shyly say he likes innocent, pure girls. Nan Quan Mama's new album "Battling Bach" was released today.

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