Saturday, July 10, 2010

Eason Chan concert on August 23rd

Yesterday Eason Chan attended a Metro radio press conference and announced that he'll be holding a concert with Tanya Chua and Jane Zhang on August 23rd. As the two beauties did not attend, Eason was only able to hug their cardboard photos. He laughed and said that Jane is getting prettier and prettier, comparing her now to her debut, she's like two different people. He also reveals that Jane will be performing with her band members, so she'll appear first at the concert, does this mean that they don't have any stage time together? Eason said: "We have a duet. Jane and I have met in Taiwan and chatted, so we'll have more chances to work together. She does not mind using our Hong Kong bands either! When singing with Jane, I will use her band, so doesn't matter."

After completing his world tour concert, Eason joked that his recent jobs are just watching the World Cup and playing soccer with famous teams, so busy! He said: "Germany defeated England, I got so angry I almost ripped my soccer shirt. I really want to sell the two German cars I have at home!" Tomorrow night, is the World Cup runner up match, Eason still has not decided to watch that or Big Four's Macau concert. TV ratings continues to drop, does he feel that its related to the royalty issues with the Big 4 record companies, that their singers can't appear on the show? He said that the question is too sensitive, cannot respond, but he does feel change of style, into old classics music program is a good idea. He said: "Changes to some things will give some new hope. Actually, they didn't hire me to be the production director, if I was in this position, the music industry would have a huge change, haha!"

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