Saturday, July 03, 2010

News : Jay Chou

Taiwan Mando-pop star Jay Chou's personal dance instructor has revealed that the singer has a strong urge to be in control, right down to how his pals dress when they go out together, reported Chinese media.

Chou's trainer who goes by the name of "Ice Cream" told reporters during an event in China that the star "may look cool on the screen but is a 'Super Control Freak' in real life".

"He (Chou) is very self-centered and very controlling. For example, whenever we go out, he would insist that I wear clothes that matched his. If he wore blue, you'd have to wear blue. If he wore a face mask, you'd also have to wear one," he said.

Ice Cream, who has worked with Chou on numerous music videos over the years, also ruled out the possibility of Chou and old flame, Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai, reuniting as they were simply "good friends that cared for each other and competitors in the music business".

Ice Cream then went on to reveal that Chou has been on the lookout for a new girlfriend but hadn't had any success so far. However, he disagreed that it was because Chou had unrealistic standards.

"Jay Chou is particular when it comes to finding a partner but it's not about outward appearance. His prospective girlfriend just has to fulfill certain conditions. One of them is that the girl must be very filial towards her parents," he said.

"Every time he gets to know someone, he keeps asking about her family, like what her parents do for living and so on, to test if she is filial. But doing this causes girls to feel uneasy. Maybe that is why he is still single."

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