Tuesday, July 13, 2010

News : Jay Chou

Taiwanese prince of pop Jay Chou was in Tianjin, China recently for his upcoming concert when fans witnessed Jay going into a hospital. According to reports, Jay was visiting a sick patient, who is also an avid fan of his.

Jay's company originally arranged for a phone interview with the cancer-stricken child, but the star insisted on going down personally, giving the child a pleasant surprise.

Besides giving the child his autographed album, Jay also offered precious words of encouragement for the child: "Although you can't watch the concert in Tianjin, you can go and watch the others once you've recovered."

Jay also promised the child to invite him to the concert once his surgery is over.

This is not the first time the modest superstar had shown his delicate side.

Back in 2004, a female fan of Jay's was involved in a serious accident and doctors declared the girl in a vegetative state with no hope of recovering. However, the girl's mother found out that she responds to Jay's songs and miraculously, she woke up from her coma.

According to the girl's mother, Jay frequently comes to visit, but never speaks of it publicly: "Jay and his mother are both kind people; he was just like a big brother to her."

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