Tuesday, July 13, 2010

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The 2 hour finale of TVB series , which aired this past Friday, garnered average ratings of 36 points (2.3 million viewers), peaking at 41 points (2.61 million viewers). The average ratings for the entire week (finale week) was 33 points, which is an increase of 3 points from previous weeks.

male lead Steven Ma is often viewed as TVB’s ‘General Fortune’ – even with his series being pitted against the World Cup, it was still able to garner high ratings. In reply to this, Steven laughed and indicated that he has a special ‘fated relationship’ with the World Cup – back in 2002, his series was also pitted against the World Cup that year and was still able to garner good ratings.

Asked if he would be celebrating with his girlfriend, Steven replied: “When I get good results at work, my family and friends are always happy for me. I will be treating the cast and crew to dinner though.” (Does this give you more confidence in the race for TV King at the awards ceremony?) “Every year, I hope that I am able to get recognition and possibly an award, but a lot of things are not up to me to decide.” Someone mentioned that perhaps Steven should consult with ‘Octopus Oracle Paul’ to see what his chances are for the award, to which Steven replied that it would only put added pressure, so he would rather not know the results ahead of time.

With a successful career now, Steven was asked when he will get married and start a family: “Getting married is a part of life. I will definitely get married, but the date has not been determined yet.”

Producer Leung Choi Yuen also publicly thanked the viewers and expressed that the series being able to achieve a 41 point rating given the challenge of going up against the World Cup was no easy feat – he feels that he has fulfilled his obligation.

As for the ratings for TVB’s other series that aired last week:

- The ratings for the sitcom increased by 2 points, averaging 25 points overall

- The ratings for also increased by 2 points, averaging 31 points overall

On a different note, the re-broadcast of TVB’s series from 1998 in the midnight timeslot was able to garner an average 5 point rating for its 3 hour finale on Saturday.

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