Monday, July 26, 2010

News : A Pillowcase of Mystery II

Second week ratings of "A Pillowcase of Mystery II" continue to go up, average ratings 32 points, peaking 37 points. Bobby Au-Yeung once said if ratings reach 50 points, he would celebrate it by running nude. In yesterday's promotion event, producer Lam Chi Wah arranged Johnson Lee to disguise as mermaid Pauline to wish for 50 point ratings. Bobby was forced to appear in "nude." He wore a muscle shirt plus swim pants, appearing as "Hercules." He joked he felt embarrassed that everyone saw his whole body. He requested Jessica Hsuan to accompany him in running nude next time, wearing a tight suit to celebrate high ratings. Jessica expressed if ratings get better, she would show her career line and accompany Bobby to run nude.

Lately Bobby's good friend Michael To was photographed sunbathing with a bikini girl. Asked whether Michael is dating someone? Bobby said he doesn't know, but congratulated Michael and said Michael is most compatible with big boobs, he has taste. Earlier it was rumored Michael reunited with ex-wife? Bobby said they're both single now. He also hope Ah Bo (Michael's ex) can find her other half; she can't just live her life with only a dog.

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