Friday, July 30, 2010

Patty Hou still single this year

Patty Hou has been engaged for over 6 months yet she will still be a single woman on this year's Chinese Valentine's Day. At yesterday's Charriol Chinese Valentine's new product launch, Patty revealed that the wedding had been scheduled for September in the Maldives but because some elderly family members had poor health, they have decided to postpone the wedding date to the end of the year, "This should be the last time I spend Valentine's Day as a single woman."

Even though Patty is "single", Charriol took into consideration that she will soon be someone's wife so for yesterday's Chinese Valentine's Day event, Charriol found little kids to accompany Patty. Her interactions with the little kids who were dressed up as Cupids were very natural and she even played kisses with them; Patty admitted that during these past few years, she has started to really love kids but after they get married, she wants to first enjoy life as a couple and isn't in a hurry to have kids.

Patty was originally going to hold her wedding in the Maldives and invite 100 guests. It is estimated that the wedding expenses as well as airfares, food and accommodation would be over $NT10 million but because her fiancee's grandmother and her own grandmother have had poor health recently, they cannot travel such a distance so the wedding has to be postponed.

Charriol's Chinese Valentine's new Forever Young range has a neutral style. The five chains represent true heart, trust, respect, commitment and forgiveness, while the type of steel itself represents [love] growing stronger over time. Patty likes to wear matching jewelry or clothing with her fiancee so Charriol gave her a pair of pendants and she happily said that she would convince her fiancee to wear them with her.

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