Friday, July 30, 2010

Popular Wei Li An and his song have become popular

Until today, Weibird Wei Li An is still yet to make an appearance on a TV show yet he has become popular and his songs have become popular. In real life, as soon as Weibird has his hair unstyled and wear glasses, he immediately becomes an ordinary citizen. In fact, 3 times people mentioned that, "You have the same first and last name as that singer"; he revealed that currently his mode of transport is still the MTR, very pleased he added, "The feeling of being able to separate my work and personal life is fantastic."

In real life, Weibird who doesn't like to dress up too much, is a really ordinary citizen. One month after his album was released, there were 3 embarrassing occasions of "The greatest separation in the world, Weibird is standing in front of you but you still can't recognize him". The first time was when he was filling out paperwork for a new phone, when he gave the customer service personnel his details, they commented, "You have the same first and last name as that singer who just debuted." All he could do was awkwardly reply, "That's right."; later on when he went to the doctor and to the district office, he was again mistaken as someone who simply had the same name, causing Weibird to be unsure of whether he should find it funny or embarrassing.

On August 15, Weibird will return to perform at Riverside Live House, the place he first performed at 2 years ago and the tracklist will be entirely different to his September concert one. It will include songs he usually enjoys listening to and some of his own pieces that he's never performed before. Tickets were sold out within seconds but Weibird said, "It's okay, to those who couldn't buy tickets, you can still ask me to sign your CD that day after the concert."

Then on September 18 and 25, Weibird will be performing bigger concerts at Taipei TICC and Taichung Chung Hsing University respectively.

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