Saturday, July 10, 2010

Raymond Lam concert this month , July

Raymond Lam will be holding his second concert this month (July). Yesterday when he was shooting for the concert theme song , he announced that another show is added for July 27th, making a total of 4 shows. Raymond expressed that they owes over 1,000 tickets, so it's necessary to add another show. He said: "Every night I will invite the most enthusiastic female fan to go on stage and may have some body contact." It was said that a chaos might happen among fans, Raymond said: "I don't expect that, cannot interfere with my singing."

TVB Executive Virgina Lok expressed that TVB never planned to make Raymond and Leo fight for the "Most Popular Male Singer Award". She said: "Raymond is a little boy, there are many things he still has to learn, cannot compare him with the Big Brother of the music industry." She expressed that Raymond has to film series, so only next year can they consider opening a part 2 for his concert.

Speaking of yesterday's TVB broadcast of the World Cup match with an additional commentary third channel added, Foreign Affairs Director (Tsang Sing Ming) expressed that the results are getting better: "One viewer called and asked if the match will be broadcast on TVB Jade channel. The only problem with online broadcasting is the time difference, hopefully the finals can be improved." Asked if iCable negotiated with TVB? Mr. Tsang said: "No, the voice does not involve copyright."

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