Thursday, July 15, 2010

The United Nations hold a special concert

The United Nations will hold a special extra-large outdoor concert at Universal Studios in Osaka from July 23 - 25. The concert, known as "United Nations Friends - Asia Pacific Global Tolerance with Music 2010," will feature a number of popular Korean groups.

On the 23rd, 5-member popular girl group 4minute, 6-member idol group BEAST, the Japanese groups SPEED and AAA among others will perform.

A formal ceremony will be held on the 24th, and Korean stars Big Bang, Japanese singers Crystal Kay, Chemistry, Beni, and others will perform. On the last day, Korean group Choushinsei, Japanese groups Gospellers, Do As Infinity and others are scheduled.

The goal of the event is to carry the importance of peace through the universal language of music, and it is a festival that will attempt to unite the Japanese artists and the representative artists from other Asian countries with the audience.

This will be the third time this festival has been held.

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