Monday, August 30, 2010

The 10th Changchun Film Festival

"The 10th Changchun Film Festival" was held last night in Changchun. Nick Cheung won "Best Actor" again with movie "The Beast Stalker." This award is shared between him and Wang Xueqi, who won with "The Assassins and Bodyguards." Kara Hui and Vicki Zhao both won "Best Actress" with movies "At the End of Daybreak" and "Mulan". "The Founding of a Republic" won "Best Chinese Story Film." Sandra Ng won "Best Supporting Actress" with movie "Echoes of Rainbow."

Nick expressed in his speech that "The Beast Stalker" let him won many awards and this is his first time winning in Mainland, which is pretty meaningful. Nick received 7 "Best Actor" award from Golden Horse, HK Film Awards, Asian Film Festival, Film Critics Society, Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, Chinese Film Awards, and last night's Changchun Film Festival.

"At the End of Daybreak" let Kara snapped 3 "Best Actress" awards and 2 "Best Supporting Actress" awards. Yesterday Kara specially went to Changchun to attend to this award ceremony. It was also her first time winning this award in Mainland.

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