Monday, August 30, 2010

2010 Miss Asia Pageant

The 2010 Miss Asia Pageant (ATV) will be held at the end of this November in Hong Kong. This year's rule is resumed to the old one in 2007, allowing Chinese in various places to participate. However, because of the hostage crisis happened earlier in Philippine, it's known the organization decided to not invite Filipino contestant to participate in this year's pageant to prevent deepen the grudge between Hong Kong and Philippine. The organization also disclosed they worried if Filipino contestant comes to HK, they would be discriminated by others and thus affecting their mood during the competition. So they decided after holding a meeting that this year they won't invite Philippine representatives to compete.

ATV's PR spokesman confirmed the news on the phone: "To prevent Filipino contestant feeling embarrassed after coming to HK, so they won't be invited to compete in this pageant. Hong Kongers are still sad about this tragedy. In order to prevent Hong Kongers feeling embarrassed, this action doesn't count as an abuse of power. We're not discriminating Filipinos. We are considering their feelings, don't want them to get hurt emotionally."

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